Hello inkheads and Happy Earth Day! Sadly, yours truly is a bit preoccupied with some SEO duties today so there will be no awesome eco-posts this year. Get your fill of Green Printing and Earth Day Marketing Ideas from these 2 classic blog posts: http://blog.printfirm.com/green-printing-for-earth-day-2013-printfirm-com/ http://blog.printfirm.com/earth-day-event-marketing-ideas-for-small-biz-printfirm-com/ 21/20 Marketing episode 4 Google Plus Hangout video Speaking […]

New Print Isn’t Dead Magazine Contest!

April 22, 2014

Happy Monday, inkheads! Today I’ve got a fun update to share via the Twitterverse. The fine folks at the People of Print are running an awesome contest perfect for the CMYK crowd. They’re giving away a copy of the brand new Print Isn’t Dead Magazine as well as stickers designed by famed illustrator Kyle Platts […]

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Canva Review: A Printing Company’s Perspective

April 18, 2014

The design community is buzzing about yet another DIY online graphics tool known as Canva. While there’s really no difference between Canva and other similar sites, several prominent marketing figures rave about the latest wave in drag & drop “design.” The homepage goes so far as to proclaim, “Canva enables anyone to become a designer.” […]

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Free Integrated Marketing Strategy Session

April 17, 2014

What are you doing tomorrow at 1pm PST? I already know what I’m doing—joining my colleagues Richard Dannenberg and Spencer Powell for another awesome episode of the 21/20 Marketing series! Last month Richard and Spencer asked me to sit in on the all SEO broadcast. The 3 of us discussed inbound marketing for printing and […]

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New Product Spotlight: Custom Shaped Hang Tags

April 15, 2014

You’ve printed rectangular, diamond, square, and even folded hang tags for your merchandise. But many of you wanted to explore more creative packaging options without having to place a special project quote. We appreciate your feedback, and we’re proud to introduce the newest addition to our printing services: Custom Shaped Hang Tags! Click here to […]

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Why Do You Love to Create with Paper?

April 11, 2014

Hello inkheads! Earth Day will be here before you know it, and all this talk about trees reminded me of how much I love paper. I presume I’m not alone in this sentiment as most of my designer and artist friends also find paper inspiring. For some Friday fun, I made a list of reasons […]

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Full Color Letterhead Creative Possibilities

April 10, 2014

Since April is National Card and Lettering Writing Month, let’s talk corporate letterhead design. After all, business letters and branded greeting cards show your clients you care on a personal level. You might not want to hand write professional correspondence unless you have near perfect penmanship, but you can sign letters in ink to maintain […]

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Unique Hip Hop Trading Cards for Music Marketing

April 8, 2014

Merchandise plays a big role in music marketing. Record companies print posters, t-shirts, and stickers to promote artists’ albums and concert tours. Independent musicians usually don’t have the cash for elaborate promotional campaigns, so they need to be sure they pick the right advertising tools that will appeal to their fan base. For my money, […]

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A Teaching Opportunity for the Printing Community

April 3, 2014

Hello out there in CMYKland! Today I want to ask you guys a favor. Well, maybe not a favor so much as I’d like to get your feedback on what I believe could be an exciting opportunity for the commercial printing industry. It’s no secret that yours truly appointed herself print ambassador to the digital […]

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What National Card and Letter Writing Month Means to Me

April 1, 2014

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? I don’t know about you, but this question got my gears turning. I remember the last time I sent something in the mail a few months ago; I mailed several friends copies of my #onething poster print along with brief handwritten notes. The notes […]

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